New Hampshire Obamacare Guide

You can now sign up for Obamacare (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act). I created this quick guide because I couldn't find any concise information relating to the New Hampshire healthcare exchange marketplace.

What is the Obamacare NH Exchange?
The Obamacare New Hampshire exchange is a marketplace where insurance companies offer insurance plans based on a federal mandate. These plans are Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. With Platinum being the best and Bronze being the worst. At this time only Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield has agreed to participate in the New Hampshire exchange.

Where do I signup?
Even though the exchanges are state based, the New Hampshire exchange (like many other states) is run by the federal government. To signup for a plan you must visit and select New Hampshire as the state.

How much will it cost?
The two main factors in determining cost are age and plan type (Platinum to Bronze). Below is a summary of the New Hampshire monthly premiums. These prices are for Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Bronze - Age 27 - $190
Bronze - Age 50 - $320
Bronze - Family - $650

Gold - Age 27 - $280
Gold - Age 50 - $480
Gold - Family - $948

What hospitals and doctors can I see?
In an attempt to lower premiums, only a select number of hospitals are included in New Hampshire under Obamacare. The following hospitals are not included. Two major Seacoast hospitals, Portsmouth and Frisbee, are not participating in the Anthem plan.

Portsmouth Regional Hospital - Portsmouth, NH
Frisbee Memorial Hospital - Rochester, NH
Alice Peck Day Hospital - Lebanon, NH
Littleton Regional Hospital - Littleton, NH
Monadnock Community Hospital - Peterborough, NH
Parkland Medical Center - Derry, NH
Androscoggin Valley Regional Hospital - Berlin, NH
Concord Hospital - Concord, NH
Cottage Hospital - Woodsville, NH
Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital - Colebrook, NH
Valley Regional Hospital - Claremont, NH

When would my coverage start?
January 1, 2014

Is there a deadline?
Yes. You must signup and pay by December 15, 2013 to be eligible next year. The next open enrollment period starts October 1, 2014.



Comment by Michael Oct. 4, 2013 / Permalink

Great explanation of Obamacare in NH, Ian. I had quite a few questions and this is by far the best HOW TO SIGNUP FOR OBAMACARE in NH guide I have seen to-date.


Comment by Sharon Oct. 7, 2013 / Permalink

how is it that I get fined if I do not buy into Obamacare but hospitals can refuse to be part of the program

lydia aaron

Comment by lydia aaron Oct. 7, 2013 / Permalink

My agent told me that Dartmouth-Hitchcock will not be a part of this program that I am being forced into. If this is true, I will lose my current doctor.


Comment by Deborah Oct. 16, 2013 / Permalink

320 bucks a month for medical care I WILL NEVER USE, since I cross the state line (I live in Portsmouth) and my doctor is at York and he takes cash.

Screw that, I'm opting to put money away for my retirement, or are we in Obamaland not allowed to save for that anymore?

Geoff Taylor

Comment by Geoff Taylor Oct. 31, 2013 / Permalink

You kidding me? Concord Hospital and Upper CT Valley Hospital in Colebrook are not included? These are the most important in the entire state for me personally. This is garbage. If I am forced to buy this coverage and fined for not having it I will need your services to sue the US Government.

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