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New Law Office in Conway New Hampshire

Starting in August we will be opening a second office in at the Tech Villiage in Conway, NH. The Tech Village is operated by the Mount Washington Valley Economic Council and is located just south of North Conway on Route 16.

This new office will allow us to better serve family law clients in Carroll and Belknap Counties. The office is easily accessible from Ossipee , Conway, North Conway, Jackson, Bartlett and other surrounding communities.

If you're coming from the south, pass through the downtown Conway and take a left on White Mountain Road (Route 16). Follow 16 for another ...

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Now Offering Collaborative Divorce

Last week I completed my certification to practice collaborative divorce in New Hampshire. Collaborative divorce is a new approach that attempts to find common ground so that a marriage can be resolved with an agreement. Not just a "deal," but something that both sides can live with now and into the future. Unlike traditional litigation that is contentious and adversarial, collaborative divorce encourages cooperation and working towards a common goal.

The certification training was taught by the Hudson Valley Collaborative Divorce Training Consortium. They have been teaching collaborative practice to attorneys all across the country for many years. They did ...

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Marijuana Legalization in New Hampshire

The New Hampshire House of Representatives passed House Bill 492, the legalization and regulation of marijuana, on January 16, 2014. This bill contained 3 major pieces.

I. Legalizes the personal use of up to one ounce of marijuana by persons 21 years of age or older.
II. Authorizes the licensing of marijuana wholesale, retail, cultivation, and testing facilities.
III. Imposes a tax on the sale of marijuana.

To understand this law, and other New Hampshire laws, I’ve broken down this article into bullet points.

How are laws passed in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire has two legislative bodies, the House ...

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