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Portsmouth ZBA Approves Yoken's Sign

The Yoken's sign was a Portsmouth landmark for over 50 years until the restaurant closed in 2004. For many years the sign sat exposed to the elements, rusting away, long after the Yoken's building had been demolished. Every time I drove by I thought it was a shame that such an iconic part of Route 1 was slowly deteriorating into a piece of scrap metal.

Last night the Portsmouth Zoning Board of Adjustment agreed 5 to 1 to allow the sign to be restored and placed in the same spot as the original. The repair and reconditioning process ...

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New Hampshire "Auto Dealers Bill of Rights" Paves Way for Tesla Motors

Governor Maggie Hassan recently signed the so called New Hampshire "Auto Dealers Bill of Rights." Auto dealers had complained that manufacturers required them to perform costly and unneeded building upgrades every 5-7 years. This will surely benefit New Hampshire Auto Dealers. If you've driven down Route 1 near the traffic circle in Portsmouth you'll notice at least 5 newly renovated dealerships.

While New Hampshire auto dealers have reason to celebrate, another provision in the bill could come back to bite them down the road.

The electric car company, Tesla Motors, has been fighting state legislatures all over the ...

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