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Selecting the right divorce lawyer can have a large impact in the final outcome of your case. A qualified nh divorce attorney will protect the rights of both you and your children. Having an attorney representing you at divorce court or mediation will enable your voice to be heard.

A divorce case can be very complicated. There are several different grounds for divorce, multiple divorce documents/papers/forms, and many technical rules that must be followed. You must also carefully disclose your debts and assets in a financial affidavit. A lawyer can guide you thought this process.

The majority of Attorney Ian Reardon's practice is family law and divorce. Ian has helped many clients, including pro bono clients, complete the divorce process in NH. Ian also attended the New Hampshire Bar Association Divorce Camp, in 2013.

Common Questons Clients have About Divorce in New Hampshire

Why Choose Reardon Law Office for Your Divorce


Divorce is an extremely difficult event for everyone involved. Spouses and children often suffer from extreme emotional stress. We understand that divorce is just as much an emotional process as it is a legal process.


Our law practice revolves around family law and divorce. We are not a general practice law firm. We've devoted our time, effort, and continuing education, to further our knowledge about divorce and divorce litigation.


We've applied what we've learned from the technology industry to the legal profession. We're able to eliminate many traditional costs by moving our entire process online. All of our files are scanned and stored electronically.

Quick Response

If you retain Reardon Law Office to handle your divorce, you'll have ready access to your lawyer at all times. Whether returning phone calls or emails, we attempt to get back to everyone within less than a business day.


Any legal process can be both expensive and time consuming. Our goal is to make the divorce litigation procedure efficient and quick. By increasing our efficiency we're able to reduce the overall cost of divorce.


We're centrally located in Seacoast, NH. We service clients in Portsmouth, Dover, Rye, Rochester, Somersworth, Hampton, the Manchester area, and even towns in Carroll County like Conway and Ossipee.

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